Even collegiate institutions were not free from rationing. In order for Pat Ingersoll to have access to her college cafeteria, she needed to give the college the rights to buy food on her behalf using her personal ration book.



Rationing at Bryn Mawr

You mentioned gas, it was hard to get back and forth. Was there anything else that you noticed was rationed?

Oh yes. Sugar and butter and meat. Anything you wanted. And- it was very hard to plan for my wedding for my mother. To get the people here, to plan it. And the year that I went to Bryn Mawr was war, and I had to take my ration book with me, turn it in to the hall- dining service, and then get it back at the end of vacation because you couldn’t buy any meat, or any of those things, without your ration book… So they could- they could buy the meat that they were serving us. They had to keep track of all the students, can you imagine?I can’t imagine it.