In order to contribute to the war effort, everyone, including Francie Miller was instructed to gather any aluminum they could, no matter the amount.



Collecting Gum Wrappers for the War Effort

I know there was a drive for scrap metal; my participation in that involved chewing gum wrappers, which were partly wax paper and partly aluminum foil. And you’d peel the aluminum foil off of the wax paper, and you’d roll it in a little ball, and you’d try to get a ball big enough to hold in your hand that you could then take down to the scrap metal place… I don’t think anybody ever told me [how much I got for each ball]; you probably didn’t get much. I mean, it wasn’t like you were doing this for you; you were doing it for the war effort, right? Of course, you’ve got to chew a lot of gum to get a sort of golf-ball sized roll. But I was very proud of that effort.