Fenton Martin lived over a mile outside of the nearest commercial center, but that didn’t stop him from walking to donate their precious coat hangers, in order to support the war effort.



Recycling Coat Hangers

We lived a mile and a half, I guess, from a number of business establishments and I remember walking to them and back. I was used to it because the high school was down there, too, but the nearest laundry was down there and I was in charge of the recycling of metals and things of that nature. I would carry coat hangers down, metal coat hangers, because they wanted them back to recycle and reuse them. But I carried many a, many a, many an arm load of those things a mile and a half down to get, I think it was a penny for 5 of them they gave you. But the point was to get them [the hangers] back in their hands to reuse because it was a precious metal and they couldn’t get replacements very much or very well.