Whether grown in the war era or today, to David Shearer any garden is a Victory Garden, whether it grew vegetables to be consumed or flowers to be enjoyed.



Victory Gardens Forever

Oh yes, we had victory gardens. Me, mother, and dad bought a small lot out in the country beside a hill, little bit of a roll to it. We built a victory garden on the levelest place that we could. We grew the usual corn, beans, tomatoes, peas, probably beets. And then on the edge of it, just to set it off, she would plant a couple rows of gladiolus. She loved flowers. She planted these gladiolus around there. One of my grandfathers would come out and help. The rest of us would and hack the weeds out if we could. Yes, victory gardens were very commonplace. In fact to this day if I still had one, I would probably call it a victory garden because that’s just what they called it in those days.