Because December 7 was his Dad’s birthday, Bob Carter spent the day celebrating with family and didn’t hear the news about the attack until he got back to college.  He later became a nuclear physicist working on the Manhattan Project.



Father’s Birthday on December 7th

December 7th was my dad’s birthday. And so, I had gone home for the weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday, and then the attack occurred Sunday morning.   We sat around, sort of celebrating his birthday. We did not turn on a radio, and of course there were no television sets in those days. So I went back to college Sunday evening, and that’s when I first heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor from fellow students at the college.

I think my first reaction was it must be some scary radio program like the one that had occurred several years before about the Martians landing in New Jersey.  After my first reaction to it, then I realized that it was real, I guess my feeling was, “Golly, now we’re really going to be into this war.”