What started off as a carefree Sunday with her cousins soon turned into a nightmare for young Jane Hukill.  She had been reading comic books when her mother and aunt got the news that Pearl Harbor had been attacked.  This terrified Jane because her father was supposed to be stationed there.  The Hukill’s spent the rest of the day desperately attempting to get in contact with their father.



First Hearing about Pearl Harbor

I remember Pearl [Harbor] very much. I was essentially lying on my tummy reading the funnies – that’s what we call the comics – on Sunday morning with my cousin.  Actually, it was Sunday afternoon, but they came on the radio and said Pearl Harbor had been attacked. And my father was supposed to have been at Pearl, and I remember running in and telling my mother what was on the radio. She came running in, and we had to drive right back home.  We were visiting relatives in Three Rivers at the time, and she wanted to get home hoping that she’d find out where he was. And as it turned out, his ship wasn’t ready to go to Pearl; it was still in Marin Island outside of San Francisco. So he didn’t go until a little bit later, but he got caught up in the Pacific war, too.